Throughout its season, mixed choir Noorus are involved in a lot of traditional and not so traditional events. Take a look at our upcoming projects! Information about past events can be found below.

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Noorus 60

  • 25.04.2020, Estonian National Museum, Tartu
  • 1.05.2020, EAMT concert hall, Tallinn
  • Mixed choir Noorus
  • Conductor Maarja Helstein

On 22. november 2019 exactly 60 years will have passed since the founding of mixed choir Noorus. This landmark event will be celebrated with a new album and a series of ceremonial concerts.

Past events

Duruflé reekviemi plakat

Maurice Duruflé Requiem

  • 01. november 7pm Tallinn St. Charles' church
  • 02. november 7pm Pärnu Concert Hall
  • 03. november 4pm Tartu St. Paul's church
  • Mixed choir K.O.O.R., Tallinn Chamber choir and mixed choir Noorus
  • Organ: Ene Salumäe, violoncello: Egmont Välja
  • Soloists: Atlan Karp (Opera Veto) and Aule Urb (RO Estonia, Opera Veto)
  • Conductor: Raul Talmar